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Pathways to Change

Published 12/2/2008 5:12:59 PM
The Minority Coalition believes that there are many pathways to accomplishing change. We understand that for some groups, the path for change and progress is based on identity and on working on their own issues and concerns. However, The Minority Coalition is promoting an equally important path to change by seeking cultural common cause among people who may seem different but whose hopes, dreams and aspirations are very much the same. Through this pathway to change we are challenging each other to be better by opening ourselves to other people’s struggles and pain. This path is more difficult to travel. It is about what choices we make and the values and principals we adhere to when we work to bring about change. Our path is about resting power in movements, principals and ideas, rather than in influential individuals. This path is about learning to work across boundaries and not just in our own comfort zones. And about bringing diverse people and organizations together across real and imagined dividing lines. This path is also about promoting personal and societal responsibility and using authentic reflections of ordinary people’s journey around change. The Minority Coalition’s path is about displaying a critical compassion for those on the margins of society and being innovative in creating an environment that unleashes people’s ideas, power, potential and contributions.

We invite you to join us as we work to change the persistent disparities in opportunities, treatment and outcomes. We continue to work through a multiracial coalition to eliminate policies and practices of institutions that consistently advantage some white Europeans and contribute substantially to poor outcomes for other racial and ethnic groups. We are working to reduce the effects of historical and current racism, gender inequality and other forms of privilege, oppression and disadvantage.

The Minority Coalition’s work requires human, technical and financial resources. We are trying to create bridges between and within groups of color and white people to foster thriving, multiracial and multiethnic communities that work for everyone that lives in them. We are supporting parent and resident leadership and helping to bring more people into community decision-making to make sure that all voices are respected, resources are directed more fairly, and that power and wealth are shared

Movement Building and Systems Change

The Minority Coalition works to bring those who are most and least advantaged together for change. Our membership includes college and school leaders, neighborhood residents, members of the banking and business community, health care, human services, government, clergy and others who are creating together a movement for social, gender and racial equity and systems change. They are establishing relationships by building unity and trust across cultures. They are promoting the kind of hope that is made real by embodying transformational change, where real results come from the people. People who develop strategies that address solutions to the underlying problems we face in the 21st century.